After the Marathon (My first published article!)

I was fortunate to be able to contribute an article to the May/June edition of Tailwinds (a publication that focuses on outdoor activities around the Southwest). You can view it by turning to page 23 using the slider or print page 21 at the link below.

I’d love to hear about your post-marathon experiences.

2 thoughts on “After the Marathon (My first published article!)

  1. Hi,

    I just completed Boston (safely) a few weeks ago. My next race will be a 1/2 marathon in late July, so I have plenty of time to rest, recover and then get back in shape for this race. I don’t take too many rest days in 6+ months prior to a marathon. It’s the opposite in the 4-5 weeks afterwards. I’ll run 3-4 times week (5-7 miles per run) and sprinkle in some cross-training (elliptical or stationary bike) with body weight exercises. During this post marathon recovery period, I don’t worry if I take 2 days off per week. The important thing is to listen to your body and not jump into hard training too soon after the marathon. I left some posts about my Boston experience on my middleagemarathoner blog if you’re interested.

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