ROOB Workouts

Some folks pop out of bed with a gleam in their eyes and a spring in their step. Not so me. Some days the roll out of bed (ROOB) is practically literal. Maybe I should attach a ramp to the bed so I don’t hit the floor so hard. Anyhow, due to life’s demands, sometimes AM workouts are the only option. Here are some ways to survive, if not always thrive, in the wee hours.

Injury Risk and Diminished Performance

Your core temperature runs cooler in the morning, which can increase the risk of injury. And then there’s fighting that feeling of grogginess… A longer warm-up can help counteract these factors.

My paces in the morning are slower than they are in the afternoon or evening, and I am not alone. This can be improved somewhat by making morning exercise a habit. If you happen to enjoy racing, it’s good to train in the morning at least occasionally since most events are held early in the day. The effect is much less pronounced when performing a simple and/or less strenuous activity, such as walking.

Fueling and Fat Burn

Will working out in the morning on an empty stomach help me burn more fat? I’ve read the cases both for and against it. Some physique competitors swear by it, saying that being glycogen-depleted (like you are first thing in the morning) leads to greater fat burning. However, recent research says that you won’t be able to exercise as long and/or hard on an empty stomach, which negates the benefit. Total calories burned are more important than whether they come from glycogen or fat stores.

Logistics come into play as well. If you’re already waking up long before you want to, you’ll probably don’t want to sit around waiting for your food to digest before beginning your workout. When deciding what and when to eat, the type of workout affects my decision. In general, if I am doing an shorter, easier workout, I’ll do it on an empty stomach. If it’s an intense interval workout or it’s going to last for more than an hour, I’d rather be fueled so I can perform at a higher level. I am personally a big fan of Choclate Cherry Clif Shots on days when I wake up and head right out the door to workout. They digest quickly and the caffeine helps wake me up. If I have to spend some time traveling to a gym or running route, I’ll have something quick and solid like a Luna bar*.

Getting Your Feet On The Ground

Of course, none of this matters if you stay nestled under the sheets. Here are some ideas for those mornings when it feels like Lilliputians have bound you to your mattress with invisible threads during the night.

Will Gulliver be skipping his long run this morning?

  • Move your alarm clock across the room. The first step out of bed is the hardest.
  • Make plans to meet a friend. No one wants to be the one who bailed.
  • Make a commitment on a site like, where you will have to pay an amount of your choosing to a self-designated beneficiary if you fail to meet your goals.
  • Register for an event. Having a set date where you will be putting your fitness on the line is great motivation. If you have a rival, even better. Picture her wide awake and getting her sweat on.
  • Think about starting the day with a feeling of accomplishment rather than regret.

While I am still a night owl at heart, I have come to appreciate the cool, freshness in the air that only exists in the morning. Speaking of which, I’d better get to bed. I have an early date with my running shoes tomorrow.

*I am not sponsored by the Clif Bar company, but I am more than willing to be 🙂

4 thoughts on “ROOB Workouts

  1. I’m not a morning person, but . . . often I’m also not an afternoon, evening, or night person either. Mostly I enjoy sleeping, get to bed early, and then am too impatient to linger in bed. On weekends I prefer to get my workout of the way, so I usually have breakfast and then go to the gym first thing. I’m incapable of working out on an empty stomach–my body just isn’t happy when I attempt it, and I usually end up cutting the workout short.

    Luna a’right, I guess . . . . . . I like the mint chocolate protein flavor, but right now I LOVE NuGo bars (seen them at Whole Foods). There’s even a salted dark chocolate flavor that rivals most candy bars I’ve tried. I’m also quite partial to Odwalla bars but am often stunned by how little protein there is in these things. Maybe I’m the only one who eats them for protein??

    • I look for protein as well. I think I’ve tried the NuGo – a rice krispy treat like flavor. I’ve been having Bonk Breakers as well lately before/after longer bike rides. They have a higher protein variety, but none of their bars are cheap.

      • NuGo bars DEFINITELY vary in taste based on the flavor. The gluten-free ones aren’t very tasty to me, but the chocolate pretzel with sea salt flavor is in fact simply a high-protein candy bar (sounds good to me). My favorite is coffee, but then I like coffee-flavored anything.

        Have you considered making your own protein bars? That’s the thing, I feel like either anything I buy in “bar” form is a weird, non-food conglomeration of strange ingredients, or it’s so simple that I could mash and refrigerate it myself for much less money. I’ve blended walnuts and dates, formed into balls, refrigerated for a few hours, and YUM. The only problem is that I want to eat about 20 of these things, so mostly when I buy protein bars I’m paying for a precise nutrition label and a single serving size. I always want to experiment though—seems like there are infinite homemade possibilities with just a few simple ingredients.

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