Hanging Out!

A brief departure from health and fitness posts…

When I was young, my secret superpower wish was that I could fly – or be invisible. I was a shy kid and while I knew everyone could see me, I sometimes felt invisible, and feeling left out stung. And then there were the times where I just wanted to be left alone. While I still can be shy sometimes around new people, especially if they seem standoffish, it’s nothing like it used to be. That means that these days flying would win hands down. The freedom of movement. Being above it all. The ability to visit hard to reach places. The views!

Since I wasn’t born on the planet krypton and haven’t stumbled upon any magic lamps, I figured hang gliding would be the next best thing. I never followed up on the desire, though. Then one day I was sifting through my emails and found a Groupon for a tandem glide and decided to go for it.

The glider would be pulled along by a plane before being let loose and I would get about fifteen minutes of flying time. Right before it was time to take off, I was hit with a sense of dread. No, not the fear of crashing; I was afraid I would vomit! My family is renowned for our weak stomachs. I asked the pilot if anyone had ever thrown up on him and he said “No, but if you have to, lean to the right.”


I wedged in to my suspended cocoon and we were quickly aloft. I felt a hint of nausea, but it wasn’t bad. Air travel affects me much worse. The noise from the plane engine was pretty loud, but it was amazing to be in the air. Then we were cut loose and I basked in the peaceful silence. I even got to steer for a bit, leaning into turns. Giddy delight!


All too soon I was earthbound again. I can’t say that I gained a new perspective on life or anything like that, but it was a wonderful experience and it was very cool to turn one of my “Somedays…” into a “Today!”


12 thoughts on “Hanging Out!

    • The urge to skydive is not strong in me. Who knows though 🙂

      The video is cool. I love to watch break dancing and the jump roping made it even more impressive.

      I can’t remember if I had a song in my head during the flight, but here’s an old school tune for you 🙂

  1. This is soooo cool! I am not sure but I feel I have developed fear of heights. I used to live in high rise buidlings growing up in middle east and didnt care to look down for 40th floor but now 4th floor feels a bit scary. Maybe I was too short as a kid and felt protected by the railings and now I am taller? hehe….but i love how you described the whole event…makes me feel I was almost there 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I only have a fear of heights if I feel like there’s a chance I might fall. Like crossing a gorge on a rope bridge (not that I’ve done that 😉 ).

      Where did you grow up? Is Middle Eastern food in the states anything like the real deal? I love hummus and tabouli.

      • I lived in United Arab Emirates (most people know the city Dubai but not the country itself) till I was 13. The hummus although quite close still has certain flavoring missing to it. I sometimes wonder if this is due to the flavoring of where the products were grown at because certain fruits, vegetables and even meat overseas taste different then what they do here. And the rest of the arabic food? FORGET IT! I have countless depressive incidents where I ordered shawarma (a sandwich wrap with lamb, beef or chicken with some veggies and special yogurt sauce) at several arabic restaurants and it was not even close! Same goes for other dishes. My brother lives in NJ. I haven’t had a chance to visit him but my parents and him went to some arabic restaurants there that are pretty darn close to authentic.

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