Songs That Go the Distance

It’s that time of the marathon training schedule when the long runs are starting to show up. Even though I am doing the Hanson’s Plan and my long runs top out at 16 miles, that’s still about two and a half hours of me and the pavement. For shorter and faster workouts, I like energetic music, but when I’m going long, my tastes change. It’s all about smoothness, and for lack of a better word, flow. Some of it is darnright mellow. Here are some of the songs that I lose myself in.

I have been getting into trance music lately and think it’s great for running. This song travels through a lot of different sounds and moods. The introduction makes me feel like something grand is about to happen.

Hypnotic instrumental opener that draws me into a mental place where everything is about the here and now. And that everything sounds better, looks brighter, and feels… better.

Trancy instrumental that makes me feel like the world is wide open and there for my taking.

One more trance selection. Nice, quick, light cadence, it sounds like running on the road. As the vocals and guitar work their way in and the song progresses, my feet may still be on the ground but my spirit soars through the air.

Throwback to my high school tastes. This song has smooth and flowing by the bucketload. I imagine I am gliding over the road without a care in the world.

Super mellow and introspective. And great for when I do my long runs in the dark.

Oh, now that I’m talking about the dark, I have to mention this song. More trance! Those synthy parts just make me want to move.

So smooth and no one does guitar like Pink Floyd. And aren’t all of us runners just a bunch of earth-bound misfits?

Sometimes you just have to get literal. Hey, it’s what we do every time we head out the door 🙂 I could only find the live version on Youtube. For the album version, go here.

Do you like to run with music? Do you tailor your playlist based on the type of workout? What are some of your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Songs That Go the Distance

  1. I’m going to try trance music! That’s actually a really good idea.

    I’m not going to lie, on the rare occasion that I run, I HAVE to have music, and it’s usually my Rihanna Pandora station. My running music, therefore, is mostly RiRi, Drake, and Destiny’s Child. I also listen to music when walking, and when I get sick of lyrics like, “It’s 11:30 and the club is jumpin jumpin,” (while extremely deep and meaningful, OBVIOUSLY), I have a Chopin station that I never get tired of, so long as I’m in the “mood” for it.

    I thought of you yesterday when I was walking a steeeep incline and the wind was BLASTING in my face. I have no idea how you do it. I literally couldn’t draw air into my lungs and had to turn around and face the other way until the wind died down a little.

    • I only got into it because it gets used for speed tracks in RPM quite a bit. They also use a fair amount of Rhihanna 🙂 I wouldn’t say I am super familiar with the genre, but I keep exploring new songs.

      Ah, Chopin! I am a Classical music nut. Chopin, Liszt, Grieg, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Debussy…

      I guess one thing that helps me train in the wind is knowing that some days I will be racing in it 🙂 Or I just latch on to the what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger mentality and tell myself what a tough chick I am. It kind of works 🙂

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