Music Monday: Just Be

I am stealing an idea from my blogger friend Jenna and trying out a Music Monday feature. She’s a fiction writer who highlights songs that inspire her creatively, and I’m going to share songs that motivate me to move. Music improves your workouts in several ways, and song tempo is less important than whether you personally find it to be motivational.

My first song choice is something you probably won’t see on a Top Ten Workout Songs list. I teach RPM, and we frequently use trancy, almost soothing music for our speed tracks. The flow and tempo put me in a semi-euphoric state, almost like I am above the effort.

I’m training for a marathon, and my body is constantly reminding me that I am not in the shape I used to be. I was a few miles into my long run recently, feeling irritated with myself and upset with some random life-crap, and this song completely changed my mood. The beginning is the aural equivalent of being submerged in warm water.

The lyrics also remind me to take a break from worrying about what has and what might happen. For many of us, our workouts are one of the few times we get to focus on ourselves. Sometimes results come quickly; more often they don’t. But each step, rep, and class should be celebrated as a choice we made to be good to ourselves. Let’s not forget to enjoy the process.

‘Cause now I know, It’s not so far

To where I go, the hardest part
It’s inside me, I need

To just be

Just be

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Just Be

  1. I’m definitely going to have to listen to this later! (no headphones at work). Sounds like a message I could use right now. (insert firm agreement with “irritated with random life crap” LOL).

    When I’m writing, and especially with longer works of fiction, I tend to have playlists that relate to specific characters. What’s interesting though, is that I can’t listen to it while I write. I like to write in silence. But I will listen to those playlists on repeat in the car, while making dinner, as I’m getting dressed in the morning, etc.

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