Music Monday: Walk

I am stealing an idea from my blogger friend Jenna and trying out a Music Monday feature. She’s a fiction writer who highlights songs that inspire her creatively, and I’m going to share songs that motivate me to move. Music improves your workouts in several ways, and song tempo is less important than whether you personally find it to be motivational.

I feel like I’ve arrived late to the Foo Fighters party. I’d known of them for years, was familiar with a couple songs, but didn’t really listen much. Lately it seems like I keep hearing their music, and I am loving it!

Whether we are just starting our fitness journeys, or have been working out for years, we all hit those patches where we feel like we’re not as strong, fast, and fit as we were. Injury, life circumstances, or even boredom derail us from out paths, and it’s easy to give into discouragement. I feel like I’m in the thick of it.

My takeaway from this song is that we all face setbacks: what are we going to do about them?

I’m learning to walk again
I believe I’ve waited long enough
Where do I begin?

When he practically shouts

I never wanna die
I never wanna die
I’m on my knees
I never wanna die
I’m dancing on my grave
I’m running through the fire

I just want to get out there and go! Speaking of which, it’s time to run 🙂

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

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