Music Monday: Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

I am stealing an idea from my blogger friend Jenna and trying out a Music Monday feature. She’s a fiction writer who highlights songs that inspire her creatively, and I’m going to share songs that motivate me to move. Music improves your workouts in several ways, and song tempo is less important than whether you personally find it to be motivational.

I’m still in marathon mode and favoring trancy music for my long runs. It’s easy to start too fast, burn through your glycogen stores, and smash head first into the famed Wall.

I might be overly influenced by the song title, but this has the feel of a fresh morning and all of the possibilities it brings. It makes me want run smoothly and relax my body while taking in the surroundings. There are no lyrics, so my mind wanders freely, which is one of the joys of lacing up.

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

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