Music Monday: Closer To The Edge

From getting pumped to lace up to squeezing out that final rep, music improves your workouts in several ways. Tempo is less important than whether you personally find the song to be motivational, so I’ll be sharing a wide variety of tunes that inspire me to move.

One of the reasons I love to train is to challenge myself and ultimately improve. There’s a lot of struggle involved, because change doesn’t come easy. Then there are those rare, almost transcendent moments, where it all comes together. You are stronger, faster, lighter. You even feel like a different person.

This song captures that feeling for me. The mood is euphoric, and the lyrics inspire me to keep pushing. Can we ever truly become the ultimate versions of ourselves? I don’t know, but we can get closer to the edge.

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

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