Music Monday: Pumping Blood

From getting pumped to lace up to squeezing out that final rep, music improves your workouts in several ways. Tempo is less important than whether you personally find the song to be motivational, so I’ll be sharing a wide variety of tunes that inspire me to move.

One positive of dealing with injuries that keep you from the activities that you love is that it teaches you to appreciate them when you’re able-bodied again. Last week I was struggling during the last mile of an aquathlon, my mental DJ was kind enough to cue up this song.

Hey heart on the road again
Moving on… forward

I remembered that a little over a month ago, I wasn’t able to run at all and how frustrating it is to be sidelined. And while I’m not as fast as I was a couple of years ago, I’ve dropped my time three weeks in a row.

The song Pumping Blood has so much energy, and the lyrics reminder you that your heart is working, you’re alive, and that’s a wonderful thing.

It’s your heart, it’s alive
It’s pumping blood
And the whole wide world is whistling

So, even as the mercury regularly tops 100 degrees out here in desert southwest, I’m grateful to be able to lace up my shoes and head out for a run.

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Pumping Blood

  1. I am very musically motivated, but it’s mostly the beats that get me going. When I’m not running, I’m a 90s grunge fanatic, but when I’m mid-5k, Flo Rida it is!

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