Why I’m Going Streaking

I’ll admit it. I’m in a rut. I’ve been able to string together six months of injury-free running (yay!), but have lost my fire. I still work out. I still run. But lately I’ve also skipped workouts for any number of reasons (too tired, too hot, too cold, don’t feel like getting sweaty, just don’t wanna).

As someone who’s been at this for a while, I know that the first step out the door is often the hardest. I like this challenge because I think the suck it up, it’s only a mile voice can drown out my inner whiner until I’m in the groove and actually feel like moving.

So I will run when I am tired, cold, lazy… and remind myself that I can.


5 thoughts on “Why I’m Going Streaking

  1. Great to hear from you again!
    Setting challenges is always good, just remind yourself that health comes first, especially when it is freezing outside and you could take a day off 😉 Other than that, it’s great that you are pushing yourself out the door.

    I’ve also been a little lazy after my first Ironman 70.3!
    I have a slight injury, but also have a lot of stuff piled up that I can’t get rid of! Maybe a challenge like this is all i need 🙂

    Keep us posted!

    • I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to!

      I don’t expect this streak thing to do *that* much for my fitness, but I hope it will give me some mental toughness back.

      That’s great that you did a 70.3. I did my second one last August. There was a tire issue and I went off course, so my time was awful. It was still a nice experience, though. How was yours?

      I started a separate blog for my fiction writing if you are interested. https://storycobbler.wordpress.com/

      Great to hear from you 🙂

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