Music Monday: Ready To Go

From getting pumped to lace up to squeezing out that final rep, music improves your workouts in several ways. Tempo is less important than whether you personally find the song to be motivational, so I’ll be sharing a wide variety of tunes that inspire me to move.

Some days, you just don’t feel like moving. The couch is comfier than the athletic shoes, and it’s too late/early/hot/cold/humid/whatever anyway. While sometimes it can be physically (and mentally) beneficial to skip a workout, most of the time it’s best to just push through and do it. This is one of my go-to songs to get in the mood to move.

It’s a crack, I’m back yeah standing
On the rooftops having it
Baby I’m ready to go
I’m back and ready to go
From the rooftops shout it out, shout it out

The first step out the door is the hardest, but that last step when you finish feels amazing. Go you!

WARNING: This video gives me a little motion sickness 🙂

I’m always interested to hear what you think and what songs motivate you personally.

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